Rules & Regulations

Dress Code

At Cornerstone Golf Club we take pride in the image of our facility. We encourage our golfers to dress in traditional golf attire. However, we realize that you may be on vacation, so don't worry if you didn't bring a collared shirt!
So don't worry, only beach ware is unacceptable!

Enjoy your day and Thank-you for your Cooperation!

Local Rules

  1. Keep pull carts off greens and tees.
  2. Keep riding cars off mounds and at least 30 feet from greens.
  3. Let people play through if you fall a hole behind the group in front.
  4. No alcoholic beverages on course unless purchased at the clubhouse or beverage cart.
  5. Fix ball marks, rake bunkers, replace divots on tees and fairways.
  6. Play blue stake areas as a lateral hazard.


Cornerstone Golf Club reserves the right to revoke playing privileges of disruptive players or those breaking rules.