FootGolf Comes to Tobermory!

Cornerstone Golf Club is thrilled to be adding to its Golfing Activities by introducing FootGolf to its lineup. Fun for all ages, FootGolf combines the popular sports of Soccer with Golf. FootGolf was developed in the Netherlands and is now being played in over 20 countries around the world. The goal of FootGolf is to kick a soccer ball into the FootGolf hole in the fewest number of ‘strokes’ (or kicks) possible. Like golf, FootGolf uses a tee box and a green, and is played on a golf course, and thus has the standard golf hazards such as lakes, bunkers, and trees to combat. Unlike golf, FootGolf uses 21” cups in diameter, shorter holes, and a soccer ball rather than a plethora of golf clubs to carry. Because of this simplicity, FootGolf rounds take less time to complete, so you can play 9 Holes of FootGolf in approximately 1 hour.

Cost is $10 plus $5 for ball rental (no charge for ball rental for kids under 14) - price does not include HST