Corner Stone Golf is more than just a venue to play the most leisure sport. We aim to foster deep bonds between family and friends while also being the gateway for establishing sound relationships with new acquaintances and business partners.

Our members, by displaying their athletic enthusiasm in the sport of golf and communicating under certain privacy with the company they have brought, have found the perfect place to mix work and pleasure.

Not only does Corner Stone Golf provide you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport, but also gives you a hub to enjoy various types of gameplays and golf courses.

We cater to beginners, amateurs and even professional golfers in either casual gaming, sponsored tournaments or charitable events. A membership will grant you access to the diverse golfing lessons while enjoying the amenities offered in the clubhouse. You even have a chance to become a professional player with us.

Equipped with the finest facilities and trained personnel, we are committed in giving you the perfect place to engage in friendly encounters, family bonding and skill training with utmost relaxation and convenience.

We, at Corner Stone Golf, offer you the best golf course in the area. The membership has limited slots but the provisions and privileges are excellent.