Cannabis has made its way into almost every industry, including golf course tourism. THC-infused products have been growing in popularity as CBD (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid) can be used in everything from coffee to sodas through delta 8 carts, pain creams, or edibles, allowing competitors and patrons alike to consume cannabis without being high.

This clean, legal, and non-intoxicating substance has taken the country by storm, and more golf courses are choosing to include cannabis-themed tournaments in their lineups of events to attract new customers who want a safe space where they can enjoy their favorite sport while consuming cannabis products.

The world’s first cannabis golf tournament

The World’s First Cannabis Golf Tournament was held this past weekend at a private golf club in scenic Montecito, California. The event was hosted by Mr Nice Guy and sponsored by Papa & Barkley.

The competition included 18 holes of golf with an accompanying infused edible cannabis pairing for each hole. Players were also given the opportunity to experience a THC-filled vape pen during their round of golf, courtesy of EvoPen.

There is no question that cannabis is one of today’s fastest-growing industries and it has been transforming lives across America and around the world – including in green spaces like golf courses where more and more players are incorporating cannabis into their games as they search for relief from chronic pain and other ailments that often keep them sidelined on the course.

That fact wasn’t lost on the organizers of The World’s First Cannabis Golf Tournament, who are hoping that this tournament will provide both entertainment and a platform to increase awareness about cannabis among people who might not yet have considered its therapeutic benefits.

“This is our way of taking what we love—golf—and introducing cannabis to new people,” said Blake Butler, founder of the event. “We want people to enjoy life without having to deal with pain.”

Where will it be next?

The next cannabis tournament will be in California on February 24th, at Monterey Peninsula Country Club. The CEO of the company, Reefer Madness Events, says that they are targeting both golfers and cannabis enthusiasts with this event. However, there is no mention as to whether this will become a monthly event.

There has been much speculation regarding how many people have signed up for the tourney, but so far it seems like it will have a decent turnout. As more states continue to legalize recreational marijuana and more golf courses get involved with these types of events, we’ll hopefully see these tournaments becoming more commonplace.

Why everyone wants a piece of this pie

The legalization of marijuana has opened up a whole new industry and people are rushing in. Cannabis tournaments add more green to the golf course by attracting a new demographic and boosting revenue for existing golf courses. With marijuana now legal in Canada, we’re likely going to see more cannabis tournaments popping up.

These events could provide golf courses with additional income on top of their profits from regular play. They also attract a whole new set of customers who might not otherwise be playing – think Millennials who never developed an interest in the sport but enjoy smoking pot on weekends with friends. It’s no wonder everyone wants a piece of this pie!

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