The golf course is shaped to be a challenging 18-hole course wherein golfers can test their skills and strategies. From the wide green field to the clear lake and to rocky land formations, you have everything a golfer can expect to see. With a few visits, you will be familiarized with the setting. In turn, you will be more relaxed and appreciative of the view.

Golfers label the holes with catchy nicknames that speak of their impending challenge. There are easy ones, and then there are extremes. Some are named as such because of the many natural obstacles while some are known to need a wide set of strategies to work the way around.

How challenging they may be, you need only some guidance and constant practice to discover the effective and efficient way of overcoming them.

On the way to hole number 5, you will encounter the toughest challenge. You will need to straighten your aim to avoid dropping on very unfavorable areas. On hole number 9, the path can seem so easy yet it is not. You have to be sneaky enough to get to the hole.

As the first half is filled with unexpected levels of challenge, you can stop by the clubhouse to get a snack. You will be needing that energy boost for the later half.

On to hole number 10, you will be facing uneven elevations. When you get to hole number 14, you’ll then be left only with a few playable options

Hole number 16, on the other hand, has a tough slope waiting for you to overcome. And finally, on hole number 18, you’ll face a wasteland setting with various obstacles blocking your path to victory.