Appropriate Polo Shirt For Your Logo

A polo shirt is mostly used to depict sporting activities, for example, golf and tennis games. Before you consider ordering a polo shirt, organizational consideration is essential. You should think of what kind of environment the polo shirt is to be worn and who will wear it. Many Custom T-shirts will require you to select the identity brand you intend to create. Consider the following tips for a unique outcome.

Type of Fabric

The traditional method of making a polo shirt was by use of cotton. However, things have changed, and different fabrics are available. This includes pure polyester, or it can be blended with some cloth. Cotton is embraced due to its softness and breathability, whereas a blended fabric will be free from wrinkles and more flexible.

Cotton will quickly shrink, and its durability may fail to surpass other fabrics. Polyester has a moisture-wicking feature, and it is highly durable. It stays for a long time despite being washed severally.

Brand and Color

The guidelines of an identity brand will come up with a particular logo color. Making an excellent and unique logo appearance will entail choosing either a single or many-colored shirt. It is advisable to select a thread color that has a close match to your logo for good embroidery. Adding a Pantone book may not be necessary because people may not like carrying it around.

It is good to have in mind that there might be a difference in logo colors depending on environmental lighting. To get it right, make sure the decorator gives you the advice to choose a good thread color. For more details about Pantone, check on their online platform reference guide, and learn more about appropriate ink colors for screen printing.

Performance Features

When availing Custom T-Shirts, consider what environmental aspects will be involved and the expectations of other members of your organization. The ability to absorb moisture guarantees a dry and cool working condition. This feature is highly embraced when doing outdoor activities.

Dryness prevents the growth of microbes, which cause a terrible odor. Polo shirts made of polyester are also lighter when compared to other materials. Decide to avoid the heavy fabrics as many will dislike it. The best option is to use polyester and cotton blended fabric as it has high flexibility features.


There are different types used in decoration; therefore, ensure your decorator’s advice is sought. Various options for your garment include embroidery, a screen print, and direct printing to the clothing. You can also consider other elements of design rather than putting a logo on the left side of the chest.

The sleeves can also be an excellent area to put your logo. The Custom Apparel decoration techniques online platform will offer you a good guide. Having many options enables you to make a good comparison of a unique and quality design.


Getting the best quality and most appropriate polo shirts for your organization is a desire for everyone. Ensure you follow the above tips for a durable and flexible polo shirt. With the freedom to customize T-shirts, make sure you choose the best fit.

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