The Director of Golf

As the head of Corner Stone Golf, he has been the team leader way back since the founding years. He has attained one of the highest certifications in PGA – a PGA Master Professional.

A graduate from a premier college, he has a career as part of the governing body of golf and authored numerous articles for golf-related magazines. He is still part of the leading authority, proving his worthy leadership in Corner Stone Golf.

The Head Professional

As one of the senior members of the Reserve Team in Corner Stone Golf, he has made a professional career prior to joining as one of the highly skilled trainers. He has won regional and national accolades and has been working actively since then. He is a native in the area and has been living in this place all his life.

The Merchandising Manager

As one of the natives in the area, she has the necessary knowledge to keep the supplies for Corner Stone Golf ready to be purchased by the club members and guests. She has garnered recognition for being a great merchandiser and has been offering products that are practical and promotional for Corner Stone Golf.