Here at Corner Stone Golf, we provide lessons for any aspiring golfer and developing amateurs. We classify them according to these groups:

  • Couples with golf inexperience
  • Parent and Junior
  • Amateurs who want to improve
  • Juniors who are eager to learn at an amateur level

The lessons include a fixed number of sessions for a certain price per head. We also offer discounts if you bring a partner to learn together with you. Here are some of the aspects of golf we can help you improve.


Slicing depends on how you position your club and move your body position to swing. This may be habitual and hard to correct, which is why our lesson can be helpful in eliminating or at least reducing that.


Most players tend to have a problem scoring since the focus is being stuck on the correct swing. We can help you gain consistency and judgment in scoring by showing how to establish the correct position.


Depending on the terrain, your wedge game will greatly improve if you know when or how to cover large distances in the most efficient manner.

Breaking par or 80

In this situation, it can be frustrating to play competitively. We can help you improve on your strategies and techniques.

Whatever you need to learn, we have instructional methods that are proven to work and the best trainers who can teach you these methods. You can even select the trainer you prefer. Just contact our office lines for bookings and inquiries.